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Mirvahim Capital Market is a well known and veteran company of the portfolio management and consulting foreign exchanges derivatives and risk management.

It was founded in 1996 as a private consulting company by CEO Kobi Eliasof

Mirvahim Capital Markets has a investment management license from the Israeli SEC. 

Today, Mirvahim Capital Market is engaged in portfolio management, IRA (individual retirement account) and risk management for the business sector.


CEO and founder of Mirvahim Capital Markets LTD since 1996.

Israeli CPA.

Graduated Tel Aviv University -  Economy and Accountancy.

Portfolio manager by the Israeli sec.

Expert in the field of derivatives.

13 years of experience in capital market.

investment portfolio management license on behalf of the Securities Authority

BA degree - University of Haifa

MBA degree from Derby University UK

B.A. in economics and business administration - Peres Academy


Eliasof  Yacov
Carmel Uriel 
Analyst and
Portfolio Manager
Koren Shani 
דניאל 1.jpg
Ben Uliel Daniel
Intern in investment portfolio management


Chief Bookkeeper at Mirvahim Capital Markets from 2020

25 years of experience in Kibbutz Movement as a chief accountant and payroll manager

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Elisof Nir Mimi
Chief Bookkeeper
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